The reason you're here is my story..

Welcome to my first post.. straight outta limbo!

This is geared toward helping your relationships be the best they could ever be. And i'm happy to share with you all secrets i gleaned from life the hard way. To be honest, i didnt get things to work right for myself but i can beat my chest and say "i learned many ways a relationship will not work".

So here i was.. the ultimate husband, the best friend and father. Dedicated to the cause of family and doing the daily grind to provide for the team.

For our ability to coexist in peace for this long, borne out of truth, patience and tolerance, so many people looked at us as the examplary couple - a mutual friend even said she prayed to God for a marriage like ours. Even we ourselves seem to have rated ourselves highly.

Having spent over a year since our marriage in the lagos job sphere, T joined me in my business and we began working together, discussing our dreams and doubts and growing as we knew best. We weathered the Nigerian finance storm until four months ago - everything collapsed so quickly, like a pack of cards.  The domino effect was astounding.

But all of this was not without cause. 

The unravelling begins..

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